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Day 2, Ukevember 2013! Guava Jelly / Ka’au Crater Boys

Aloha, Ukevember watchers!

Today we participated in the MS Walk at the Phoenix Zoo with our getup in the video. We were up early and ready for Day 2 of Ukevember as well.

We have a fun song for you today. My husband helped me out on this one – plus I think he just wanted in on the fun. If you’ve never heard this song, you’re in for some funny lyrics. Something that says “Come rub up on my belly like guava jelly” just gives you a laugh!
Try it with these chords.

Day 1, Ukevember 2013! Oh, What a Day / Ingrid Michaelson


It is that time of year again where I try to convince everyone to join me in this made-up celebration of playing your ukulele EVERY DAY in the month of November. What kind of name for a celebration like this would be convenient? The answer is Ukevember.

Most people ask why would you do this? Others say “uke on”. There are all kinds of answers (for practice, to keep a log of songs I know, educational purposes, etc.) but I really started this to put more music into the world. Help me put more music into the world by joining me and uploading songs you’ve played on your ukulele for Ukevember!

Ukevember 2013 has started and Day 1 is a song that I know isn’t on the radio, but it’s found its way into my playlist. Have you ever heard someone say they’ve had a rough day and you’re never quite sure what to respond with? I think the lyrics in this tune provide a useful response: Now that you’re (it’s) gone, I (you) can move on to something good. What do you think? I love this song like I love my Sunday mornings and reflection time.
Here are the chords!

Day 18 Ukevember ’12! “The Way You Make Me Feel” Michael Jackson

Everybody loves Michael Jackson! I have been wanting to do this song for a long time. The only thing that halted my experiment was not being able to find ANYONE online that had the correct chords. Look no further, here they are. You can play these chords along with Michael Jackson’s video! Go ahead, try it. I also use the alternative ways of playing the chords as well. Check out the video.
Here are the chords and lyrics to “The Way You Make Me Feel” Michael Jackson

Day 17 Ukevember ’12! “Dreaming with a Broken Heart” John Mayer

Sad songs are my favorite. I’m not quite sure…maybe because the lyrics are more meaningful…I guess if you’ve been hurt before you really like sad songs. Here’s one from John Mayer. There are plenty of sad songs out there that you don’t have to listen to when you’re sad. I feel like this one fits that category. Or am I the only one that feels this way?
Here are the chords and lyrics to “Dreaming with a Broken Heart” John Mayer

Day 16 Ukevember ’12! “Can’t Help Falling in Love”

Still on the love kick. :) It turns out there are a lot of songs about love…and break-up…and loving again. You can’t help but fall in love with this classic old crooner song. I remember singing this from a karaoke cd with one of my favorite Philippine families. Every time I hear it I’m reminded of this wonderful family that I miss.
Three reasons to play this song:
1. Nostalgic for the old times.
2. Telling someone you Can’t Help Falling in Love with him/her.
3. Want to add a song to your playlist that is in triple time!

Day 15 Ukevember ’12! “Our Love is Here to Stay” George & Ira Gershwin

There are certain movies individuals watch over and over and over…my movie is “When Harry Met Sally”. It’s about love, the good and the bad, happens near Christmas time, and has some really great swing music on the soundtrack (Also forgot to mention Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal). Today’s video is for the “When Harry Met Sally” Fans, the lover of ‘love’ fans, and the swing fans.

Day 14 Ukevember! “On the Sunny Side of the Street”

If you don’t know swing, start off with this song! There are fast versions, but today I played it mellow :) I’ll upload the tab for it soon! Enjoy :)


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