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Day 17 of Ukevember! Belle by Jack Johnson

My first use of Google Docs led to publishing a “Songs I want to learn” list. Reunited with this long-lost-love-list brought you the 17th song of Ukevember. Playing a strum/pick that is new to me brings thoughts of the practice fairies who used to keep my fingers moving when I played percussion in college…even when it hurt. Here goes.

Oh, yes, those are giraffe sculptures invading the background. The artist is from Prescott Studio in Santa Fe, NM. The cold will keep this Hawaiian indoors…

Song: Belle by Jack Johnson. Chords and Lyrics.


  Andrew Sievert wrote @

I spent the first part of today listening to all 17 songs and it made my day better than it was before. I especially loved your cover of Ray LaMontagne. I don’t know if you listen to Tom Waits at all but I think it would be amazing to hear one of his songs done on the ukulele, something like Green Grass.

  ukulelekuhi wrote @

@Andrew: Awe, this makes my heart swell with absolute love. πŸ™‚ Thank you! I have not listened to Tom Waits, but your request is being put into action. Keep your eyes peeled. Love the request!

  ukulefty wrote @

Nice work! This is one that I really should learn so I have a better response to the “hey do you know any Jack Johnson songs?” question, haha!

  ukulelekuhi wrote @

@ukulefty: You could totally learn this. It’s short enough to learn, too. Sweet lyrics and short. I tried humming the accordion solo, but my voice wasn’t having it. πŸ™‚


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