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Day 18 of Ukevember! Oh, Darling by The Beatles

Singing a song like this makes you wonder: Do people talk like this in real life or just in song lyrics? I believe “back in the day” they spouted phrases like “compare thee to a summer night’s dream”…if you want someone to talk to, try Shakespeare . He’s a little entertaining. 🙂

Song: Oh, Darling by the Beatles. Chords and Lyrics.


  steveleitz wrote @

One of my favorite Beatles songs; the emotion and lyrics were breakthru “back in the day”..
Happy weekend, see you TUES!
Safe travels, Steve & Gail

  ukulelekuhi wrote @

Can’t wait to see everyone 🙂 Will be nice to be around family.
There’s so much emotion in lyrics…that’s probably one of the biggest reasons people connect with music so well. Thanks for posting. 🙂


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