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Day 30 of Ukevember! Merry Christmas, Darling (The Carpenters)

I know, I know. The Christmas music has invaded the radios and now my blog. I’m sorry but it’s an absolute favorite. 😉

We have come to an end of Ukevember…I really appreciate the support, the reading, the listening, the uploading of ukulele videos. I’ve learned that there are way too many songs in the world to choose from, that I can never remember what Gm7 or C9 are, that I have some devoted watchers, and that I need to find a way to keep uploading videos in a fun way.

Don’t fret, I’ll be ukulele fretting my way again soon. Any requests?

Song: Merry Christmas, Darling (The Carpenters). Chords and Lyrics.


  ukulefty wrote @

I have really enjoyed your ukevember project and looked forward to logging on to my wordpress page to see what your latest song was going to be. Not just the song, but WHERE that song was being played also!

I can’t believe that month has gone so quick! I also can’t believe it’s December already… Hope you keep posting your uke videos here!

  ukulelekuhi wrote @

I can’t believe it’s over either. I am wondering what to do today. 🙂 Maybe some Christmas songs to come…12 days of Christmas? 🙂

  ukulefty wrote @

Yeah you should definitely post up a couple of Christmas songs!


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