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Day 5 of Ukevember ’12! Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag by James Brown

What’s YOUR new “bag”? I brought the Funk today! When you hear this song you can’t be still, you’ve got to move. What is James Brown singing about? Well, a “bag” is slang for a way of doing something or a kind of lifestyle. In this song, Brown is singing about how he’s come up with something new. A new groove, a new style! Recorded in 1965 in Charlotte, North Carolina – did you know it won a Grammy for Best R&B Recording? He should’ve won something for his dancing while singing moves. What a character. I love his songs.
I’ve attempted to add some ‘rhythm’ to my playing so it’s not a lot of strumming.
Here are the Chords and Lyrics to James Brown “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag”

Top 3 Reasons to play this song:
1. To get the groove going in your playlist
2. To tell everyone YOU’VE got a “Brand New Bag”
3. Because you want to see people on the dance floor

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