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Day 7 of Ukevember ’12! Young the Giant “Cough Syrup”

By request of a South Florida swing dance friend, for you! 🙂 Humans tend to crowd their day with lots of tasks which can take them to the point of exhaustion. Some people go as far as to end their life so they don’t have to deal with the one they’re in right now. Always know that someone out their cares for you no matter how down you’re feeling! How’s your life treating you right now? Think about all the best parts and don’t dwell on all the worst parts (which we tend to do).
Here are the Chords and Lyrics for “Cough Syrup” by Young the Giant.
Top 3 reasons to play this song:
1. You’re a Glee fan and heard this song on that show and want to play it!
2. To play an upbeat song in a restaurant and sing the words and see if anyone knows how sad of a song you really are playing.
3. To show off your picking part in the beginning- woohoo!

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