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Day 10 of Ukevember ’12! The Wreckers “Leave the Pieces”

This was the first song I learned on guitar – by request of my former Orlando roommate, Juliemar. She is quite the vocalist and chose this song for us to do a duet. Now I live across the country, far away from Orlando. Today’s song is for her, even though I need a lot more vocal practice, and I miss singing/playing music with you! We are the CYT’s. Don’t know what that is? You’ll find out one day.
Top 3 reasons to play this song:
1. You like a little country and want to play it on your ukulele.
2. Want to do a duet with someone else – there are some neat harmonies here!
3. You just had a breakup and want to sing your heart out!

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  Mary wrote @

Please post or email on how to play this piece I really like your rendition and can’t find chords of strum technique. It would help me because I’m using this song as recovery from a sad breakup. Thanks!


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