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Day 11 of Ukevember ’12! Michael Franti & Spearhead “Say Hey, I Love You”

Say Hey, I be gone today, but I’ll be back around the way…But I know one thing, that I love you. Awe. Sometimes it’s hard to get those words out. But when you know, you know…you know?
My Love is not a ‘memorize lyrics’ sort of man but he took the time to learn the lyrics to this song and sang it to me. There was snow falling, he was singing (well, rapping 🙂 ), and I knew that the lyrics in the chorus had the words “I love you” and would in turn be the first time he said those three special words to me! Which leads to my top 3 reasons to play this song:
1. To play for someone you want to tell them “I love you” in a fun upbeat way.
2. Work on your ‘chunk’ strum on ukulele
3. Play a song that has some rap in it.

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