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Day 5, Ukevember 2014! People Should Smile More / Newton Faulkner

When I was younger, my family ran an entertainment business. Guess what the children did? We performed! Let me tell you something…everything is cute when it’s done by a young one! My sister and I were taught to hula dance and had poi ball routines. We were also always taught to SMILE. ALL THE TIME. If you mess up, make sure you have that smile on your face. To this day I’m not sure if that advice was similar to the popular ‘Look like you’re having fun’ or if that was our ‘entertainment poker face’ where if you smile no one will be able to tell what you did was wrong!

This leads to the song for today’s Ukevember, People Should Smile More by Newton Faulkner. First time I heard it on, I fell in love. So enjoy! Tomorrow we have another swing tune coming. I may be sitting in the same place, too…

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