To put some UKE in the world

Day 8, Ukevember 2014! Unconditionally / Katy Perry

Love is in the air today. We attended a friend’s rehearsal dinner last night and they will be wedded today. I love weddings. You get to say that you will love the other unconditionally in front of your witnesses and then you will be tested beyond belief of these vows until death do you part. Congratulations, Justin and Emily! Today is your day and we will be there to support you. 😉

Also, I didn’t get to upload this song last year. It was the convertible top down music song of December 2013. I introduced it to my niece and it became her favorite request for car ride music. This one goes out to you, too. Hope you are singing along.

Now, it isn’t perfect! Ukevember is just about getting out there, practicing, and showing the world what different tunes you can play on your ukulele. I at least will have this song in my fingers and continue to work on it to perfect it as the days go by. Upload your video for Ukevember and join in on the fun!

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