To put some UKE in the world

Day 10, Ukevember 2014! I Have Never Loved Someone / My Brightest Diamond

Ooh, still on the love kick. This is still unconditional love but for a different kind of person. 😉 Some of you can guess ‘who’ I’m singing about in this one.

Thanks to a recommendation from about 2-3 years ago, I am finally listening to some tunes from artists that I can’t believe I waited to listen to! Found this song and it stuck with me, so I chose to add to it. Even though it’s not perfect, I have practiced and it’s in the repertoire. Ukevember isn’t about being perfect, it’s about your own journey and showing others what can be played on the uke! Try it out and upload your tune today. Join me for Ukevember…..someday!

Chords to come soon.

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