To put some UKE in the world

Day 12, Ukevember 2014! Silver Bells / Jay Livingston and Ray Evans

By now you have started to see signs of Christmas even though we haven’t reached our turkey holiday yet. Well, I have some news, it’s starting here, too! I’m not sure when the Christmas tunes were going to start on the radio, but here’s one for ya.
What are your favorite tunes that you play on your ukulele? Upload one today to join in the Ukevember fun! There are plenty out there that have simple chords!!

My memory of this song is from hearing Frank Sinatra sing it on record (and other artists on the radio during Christmas tune season. Have any radio stations started playing Christmas/Holiday tunes yet?

Have you ever looked at this song in a songbook? It says this song comes “from the Paramount Picture THE LEMON DROP KID”. Interesting. Never heard of it. I guess that is going to be on the list for videos to rent. Have any of you seen it?

Enjoy! Chords to come later.

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