To put some UKE in the world

Day 13, Ukevember 2014! O Holy Night / Adolphe Adam

Ever been to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve? Beautiful to look at and listen to vocalist sing this tune – and it’s beautiful in a church. During a service, I once overheard someone complaining about how the vocalist was saying the word ‘divine’ like ‘dee vine’. While she was singing! Kind of rude, but I guess I understand. I always follow the rule…if you say anything, do it AFTER the person performs and in the privacy of a beer/wine and friends. Not DURING a performance. Or nothing at all.
I also said a wrong word in the lyrics. Can you find it? It was take 4…and my voice needs rest!
Anyhow, today’s tune is one of my favorite to listen to in a church! Acoustics, wow!

Enjoy! Chords to come soon.

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