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Day 17, Ukevember 2014! Straight No Chaser / Thelonius Monk

Whew…this one is nowhere near the tempo it needs to be BUT it is a work in progress. I never looked at that song until the day I recorded it! As I was practicing, I noticed this is a really great tune to use as practice for moving along the fret board (the first 4 frets anyway).
I recorded this on our “Babymoon” where we took a cruise to different ports for the day. Watch the video to see where we recorded today!
Will post where I found the lead sheet soon!


  Tray wrote @

Hey Sweetie, I haven’t commented on your Ukevember Songs yet, but Im IPhone keeps sweeping up on me, so You might have bits and pieces of me try to comment. Lol I do play the uke, but have health issues which gets in the way! I want to thank you for making my day everyday, and what an awesome mind you have to have come up with playing a song everyday in November, and I see the baby getting bigger and I hope you show him or her off once the baby is born. I’m a lot older than you, and I used to take headphones from my Walkman, ( wow I am old) lmao! Anyways, I used to put the headphones on my belly and man did he move around a lot! I felt like he was swing on my ribs! Lol Needless to say he ended up being a singer song writer! He has written over 100 songs, and has 2 CD’s. He can play every instrument, which he has taught himself! So You might have to get your little bundle one of those cute mini ukes at the age of 2, and save your pots and pans! Lol anyways I think you are so adorable playing with the baby getting bigger, and sharing your talent and fun with everyone! I hope you guys are having an awesome time, and again thank you for sharing!!! You are a beautiful young lady, so I’m sure your baby is going to be beautiful! Good luck on an easy delivery, hahaha ( it feels like you have a water melon in your butt) at least I did, and I supposedly I kept yelling that out to the nurses during labour! Lol it’s all worth it in the end! Keep your fans posted, and when Josh passes out during the Delivery, they will take good care of him! Lol Enjoy every moment, the crow up fast! All the best, for when the time comes, and thanks for sharing your talent! Ok I will stop the novel now and you have a great time!

  Tray wrote @

Opps I didn’t proof read! Lol I hope you are good at filling in the blanks and figuring out what word I meant to say! Hahaha.sorry about that😜


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