To put some UKE in the world

Day 20, Ukevember 2014! Every Little Thing She Does is Magic / The Police

We are on the last port of our babymoon cruise: Grand Cayman! I brought my uke thinking there must be a good shot where I can get the beach in the background. Well, the guards asked what kind of instrument was in the case (guesses were mandolin and violin). They were surprised when we said ukulele! They also wanted to hear me play it. Josh told them to look up ukevember on YouTube. One security guard searched and found my Unconditionally video post and played it. He started singing along! Then said he would watch each and every video. That really made my day – he was so sweet!
Back to today’s song…When I heard this tune in our neighborhood restaurant Josh said it must be on Ukevember. So, here it is! I used a combination of plucking and then strumming for variety. I also used different variations for D, G, and A chords in the verse and the A and D chords in the chorus to make the transitions easier (the barred version). Think of using variations of the chords to make the movements between chords easier – sometimes it turns out pretty well where you won’t have to move that much! I’ll explain later when I add the chords for this one.

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