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Day 23, Ukevember 2014! Quit Playing Games With My Heart / Backstreet Boys

I requested suggestions from friends to fill in song titles for letters of the alphabet I was missing from my song list (on the far right of this page). The letters I needed were: J, K, N, Q, R, and Z. I knocked off Q tonight thanks to my friend, Juliemar, from Florida! Miss you girl! Hope you and I can play and sing together sometime again soon. Thanks for suggesting this tune. Brought me (way) back. Haha!

Chords to come soon.

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  Sharon Fox wrote @

Me ke aloha e Kehau — Lots of songs for “K” — most used Hawaiian letter: Ka ‘Iwa — The sea bird (frigate) Ka Lehua I Milia — Lehua blossom caressed Ka Lehua ‘Ula — – The red lehua blossom Ka Nohona Pili Kai –About Keali’i’s grandmother’s house on Maui Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai — The plants of the sea (seaweed) Ka Wailele O Nu’uanu — The waterfall at Nu’uanu Ke Anuenue — The Rainbow Kipu-Kai — Land division on Kaua’i Koke’e — Mountainous area on Kaua’i Kona Kona Kai Opua — Kona with its clouds by the sea Ko’ula — Manowaiopuna Ku’u Lei Hoku — My Lei of Stars And here’s some “N” songs: Na Ali’i — The chieftains Na Kipi Koa — The stevadore Hula Nani Hanalei — Beautiful Hanalei Nani Wale Na Hala — Beautiful are the hala flowers Na U’i O Kaua’i — The beauty of Kaua’i Noho Paipai — The Rocking Chair Hula I have the words to all of these, but you can also find the words at My favorite at the moment is Ka Lehua ‘Ula because it was one I danced to while I was in Hilo a couple years ago. BTW, your sis Kanani has asked me to make matching Hawaiian outfits for her, Ryan, & Lil Kanani. How nice it was of her to think of me. She said it would be meaningful because I used to be close to Andy. Well, I’m not sure how close I was to him, but I certainly enjoyed dancing with him & Cindy. Kanani & I are no longer in the same halau. I had to leave because of an altercation with the kumu. I’m now dancing with Mililani Celio. She’s such a great person — filled with aloha. She used to dance with Don Ho in her younger years. Wonderful dancer. I have to be in the “Gracious Ladies” class now since I’m getting older & older and more riddled with arthritis. I’ll be 70 in a couple months. No way I can wrap my mind around that. There was our monthly ukulele meetup at Elika’s house last night but I was unable to go. In hula class Friday night I over-did it, so yesterday my hip joint & both knees were crying out in pain. Had to take a couple pain pills and then that made me too “fuzzy” to drive safely. Aue — this old-age stuff is for the birds! I’ve been following you on Facebook. How much longer before you’ll be a makuahine? Me ‘oukou ka welina o ke aloha . . . Aunty Sharon


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