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Day 13, Ukevember 2014! O Holy Night / Adolphe Adam

Ever been to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve? Beautiful to look at and listen to vocalist sing this tune – and it’s beautiful in a church. During a service, I once overheard someone complaining about how the vocalist was saying the word ‘divine’ like ‘dee vine’. While she was singing! Kind of rude, but I guess I understand. I always follow the rule…if you say anything, do it AFTER the person performs and in the privacy of a beer/wine and friends. Not DURING a performance. Or nothing at all.
I also said a wrong word in the lyrics. Can you find it? It was take 4…and my voice needs rest!
Anyhow, today’s tune is one of my favorite to listen to in a church! Acoustics, wow!

Enjoy! Chords to come soon.

Day 12, Ukevember 2014! Silver Bells / Jay Livingston and Ray Evans

By now you have started to see signs of Christmas even though we haven’t reached our turkey holiday yet. Well, I have some news, it’s starting here, too! I’m not sure when the Christmas tunes were going to start on the radio, but here’s one for ya.
What are your favorite tunes that you play on your ukulele? Upload one today to join in the Ukevember fun! There are plenty out there that have simple chords!!

My memory of this song is from hearing Frank Sinatra sing it on record (and other artists on the radio during Christmas tune season. Have any radio stations started playing Christmas/Holiday tunes yet?

Have you ever looked at this song in a songbook? It says this song comes “from the Paramount Picture THE LEMON DROP KID”. Interesting. Never heard of it. I guess that is going to be on the list for videos to rent. Have any of you seen it?

Enjoy! Chords to come later.

Day 11, Ukevember 2014! Auld Lang Syne / Robert Burns

While we sing this tune traditionally on New Year’s Eve, it could be used really for any time of year, I think! But what does it mean? What do you think it means?
We have a fireplace in our house this year and I”m gearing up for singing tunes around that fireplace for the Holiday Season. What Holiday tunes do you like to play? Join me for Ukevember and add them!
Chords to come later.

Day 10, Ukevember 2014! I Have Never Loved Someone / My Brightest Diamond

Ooh, still on the love kick. This is still unconditional love but for a different kind of person. πŸ˜‰ Some of you can guess ‘who’ I’m singing about in this one.

Thanks to a recommendation from about 2-3 years ago, I am finally listening to some tunes from artists that I can’t believe I waited to listen to! Found this song and it stuck with me, so I chose to add to it. Even though it’s not perfect, I have practiced and it’s in the repertoire. Ukevember isn’t about being perfect, it’s about your own journey and showing others what can be played on the uke! Try it out and upload your tune today. Join me for Ukevember…..someday!

Chords to come soon.

Day 9, Ukevember 2014! That’s it, I Quit, I’m Moving on / Sam Cooke

Ooh, this is a good song. I didn’t give myself enough breath and the page tried to fly away, but it’s up there! I found a cover by Adele and then downloaded Sam Cooke’s original. I always think of what kind of action or movie could be done to songs…well this would make for a great break up song if you ever needed one!
Chords to come soon.
Have you uploaded a video to join in Ukevember yet this year? What are you waiting for? πŸ™‚

Day 8, Ukevember 2014! Unconditionally / Katy Perry

Love is in the air today. We attended a friend’s rehearsal dinner last night and they will be wedded today. I love weddings. You get to say that you will love the other unconditionally in front of your witnesses and then you will be tested beyond belief of these vows until death do you part. Congratulations, Justin and Emily! Today is your day and we will be there to support you. πŸ˜‰

Also, I didn’t get to upload this song last year. It was the convertible top down music song of December 2013. I introduced it to my niece and it became her favorite request for car ride music. This one goes out to you, too. Hope you are singing along.

Now, it isn’t perfect! Ukevember is just about getting out there, practicing, and showing the world what different tunes you can play on your ukulele. I at least will have this song in my fingers and continue to work on it to perfect it as the days go by. Upload your video for Ukevember and join in on the fun!

Day 7, Ukevember 2014! Modern Age / Eric Hutchison

Day 7! Another Eric Hutchinson tune. You might think I kind of like his music by now?
It was a little difficult to transition the chords today. My pregnant belly may be getting a little bigger. πŸ™‚
Stay tuned for tomorrow!
Chords to come soon.

Day 6, Ukevember 2014! Blue Skies / Irving Berlin

Another swing tune for you but a little funny edition for Day 6.

Stay tuned! I never said there were any restrictions for Ukevember…cue the Christmas/Holiday tunes you’ll see coming up in the next videos. πŸ˜‰

Chords and strum to post later!

Day 5, Ukevember 2014! People Should Smile More / Newton Faulkner

When I was younger, my family ran an entertainment business. Guess what the children did? We performed! Let me tell you something…everything is cute when it’s done by a young one! My sister and I were taught to hula dance and had poi ball routines. We were also always taught to SMILE. ALL THE TIME. If you mess up, make sure you have that smile on your face. To this day I’m not sure if that advice was similar to the popular ‘Look like you’re having fun’ or if that was our ‘entertainment poker face’ where if you smile no one will be able to tell what you did was wrong!

This leads to the song for today’s Ukevember, People Should Smile More by Newton Faulkner. First time I heard it on, I fell in love. So enjoy! Tomorrow we have another swing tune coming. I may be sitting in the same place, too…

Day 4, Ukevember 2014! Talk is Cheap / Eric Hutchinson

It’s Election Day! I called it ‘Voting Day’ in the video…it also means we will get all our regular commercials back. Instead of attacking each other, they will finally defeat each other and it will be over. Until the next election.

Today’s tune is by Eric Hutchinson. I’ve done songs of his before including All Over NowΒ and Oh!Β back in Ukevember 2012. Click on the song titles to see those previous blog posts.

If you have any questions on how to vary your strums for recording, or if you need help finding a strum to go with your song, please leave a comment. I would love to help!

Enjoy! Maybe you’ll see another Eric Hutchinson song tomorrow!

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