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Day 3, Ukevember 2014! Let it Be / Beatles

Another day, another video! I’ve made it past my video uploads for last year’s Ukevember (woohoo!).

Today’s tune comes from the Beatles and only has four chords (C, G, Am, F) with an added flourish chord (Dm) for some variety in the end of the verse. It isn’t needed, but I add it for fun.

I show you how to use my strum in the video. You can play this song many different ways. I chose to add a little rhythm by plucking the strings. Chords to come soon!

Have you uploaded a song yet to join me on my Ukevember adventure? Find a tune and get recording!

Day 2, Ukevember 2014! Dream a Little Dream of Me / Mama Cass Elliot with The Mamas & the Papas

Woohoo! I made it to day 2 of Ukevember. At least as much as I could get out last year ;).

Today I’m playing another swing tune favorite. In the end of the recording, my phone was buzzing –I could hear it but you can’t hear it in the video…Oh well. No more takes, here it is.

I think my favorite recording is when Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong recorded together. That’s my favorite recording to listen and dance to.

I will upload the chords later! Enjoy and add your own video to Ukevember! All you have to do is play a song on your uke in November (I’m trying all 30 days).

See you tomorrow!

Day 1, Ukevember 2014! Moondance / Van Morrison

Aloha! It’s that time again. Ukevember, my made up holiday month! The idea is to play a song on your ukulele for every day in November. That’s 30 days. You can do it! Join me and some of my other very awesome friends for this journey.

Today is our first day of Ukevember. We are playing one of our favorite songs to dance to…especially with a live band. Stay ’til the end so you can see our Bloopers. Boop! Enjoy and I’ll upload the chords soon! See you for day two!

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