To put some UKE in the world

Ukevember 2015 Day 11 “Be My Baby”

This song is recorded SO many times on YouTube. There are lots of people who are in love with this tune. I watched lots of videos to see if people were playing the song any differently from the next person and here’s what I learned. This could be the sweetest song from the ’60s, in my opinion (those last words remind me of the show The Good Wife…when does that come back?!). People love this song and play the same strum over and over again. Everyone played the exact same strum! So, I added one thing different (hint: it’s on beat 2) to make it more percussive. It took a couple takes while my Sammy was playing under the table, but then he got into some post-its and turned a basket over and…well, he needed some attention so he didn’t make it into this video. Except for his crying in the background in the end. Enjoy! See you tomorrow.

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