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Ukevember 2015 Day 30 “Brahms Lullaby”

Whew. I did it. My friend Caroline completed all 30 days as well! Other friends, Jessi, Bethany, Emily, Phil, Steve, my husband Josh, my niece Bri, and my son Sammy – you all are amazing for joining me in this year’s Ukevember. Here’s to many more! I started this month-long celebration of ukulele in 2011 and now it’s the fifth November in a row that I’ve uploaded songs and only the second year that I’ve posted for all thirty days. Woohoo! There was one November I only posted two songs. Here’s looking to next year and buying a tuner to keep me tuned for all my songs. *sorry!* Enjoy today’s tune, the word baby is in the lyrics if you want to sing, but today I just play the melody. Cheers!

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