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Ukevember 2015 Day 10 “Runaway Baby”

First, I have to apologize for the amount of mistakes and so many baby coverage. Ha! He was getting close to nap time and needed me to be on the floor…and I needed to record because I was ready. If you ever think you can play something without any mistakes, try and play near a baby that is wanting your attention! See if you make any mistakes then! 🙂

Ukevember 2015 Day 9 “Work Song”

Today’s tune come from Hozier. This song’s lyrics cover everything from work, love, and death. Whew and there’s only 4 different chords to play this tune. I think I like this Hozier song the best. My friend Juliemar mentioned this tune to add to my ‘baby’ lyrics and it works! Plus, I found a new song I like! Win-win. If you watch until the end, someone DOES crawl to me 😉 

Ukevember 2015 Day 8 “Sugar”

Today’s song by Maroon 5 came out almost a year ago. I love what they did – drove around and played at several weddings as a surprise. Hello! If they did that at my wedding I would go crazy. And they did. Go Crazy! I’m playing tunes with the word or lyric “baby” in this year’s Ukevember. My little baby is 8 1/2 months old now and is really doing the lyric in here “…I need your loving, loving I need it now” and “…and it’s killing me when you’re away”. Severe separation anxiety. Put him down and he wants to come find me wherever I am. He crawls and cries at the same time. Poor guy. I love him so much. I tell him he’ll be ok and I sing to him and dance with him. Everyone offers to watch him and asks “When is a good time? You tell me, I’ll be right over”. Hmmm…ok….7 a.m. would be the best time. I could take a shower, brush my hair and my teeth and put on some decent clothes. Oh, is that not a good time for you? Haha, I get it. You mean after YOU’VE had a chance to be decent? OK. Haha. All right, let me at least play some ukulele for you. Please enjoy today’s Ukevember, Sugar.

Ukevember 2015 Day 7 “Don’t Worry Baby”

Made it through the first week of Ukevember! So far I’ve done 7 songs (including today) with the word “baby” in either the title of the song or in the lyrics in the song. It’s been fun because there are several songs that I never listened to before. I’m working on a rap for next Saturday…hopefully you’ll follow me through to the next week of Ukevember. Have you take your ukulele out yet and contributed to Ukevember?

Ukevember 2015 Day 6 “You’ve Got What it Takes”

I tried a mashup today. It didn’t work out as well as I thought but there’s a consolation prize for listening all the way through: a cute baby! 🙂 I’m not good at singing the blues either, but I’m working on it. Enjoy, and have you participated in Ukevember yet?

Ukevember 2015 Day 5 “Wild World”

Ukevember is about getting out your ukulele and spreading your joy for music to everyone you know – and to show that you can just about play anything on this instrument. It’s not about perfection. There are several mistakes already in my videos for Ukevember. The whole idea is to challenge yourself to play your ukulele. It may be the most you play it out of the year, but guess what? That’s going to be a lot of practice you’re giving yourself. 🙂 Enjoy!

Ukevember 2015 Day 4 “Baby We’ve Got a Date”

Today is Bob Marley! (I actually recorded this on day 5…because we actually had a date on day 4!)

I grew up listening to the other popular Bob Marley tunes but never heard of this one! Bob Marley uses the word ‘baby’ in a lot of his tunes so you might see more of him here this year 😉 What did you play on your ukulele today?

Ukevember 2015 Day 3 “Yes, Sir, That’s My Baby”

Another tune with the word ‘baby’ in the title! Yes! And a helper, the best of helpers, today – My NIECE! She’s the best. She helps with anything you ask. No mean face about it 🙂 Hope you have a niece as cool as mine. She helped me with the lyrics today. See you again tomorrow!

Ukevember 2015 Day 2 “Love is Strange”

Three chord songs, for the win! This is such a cute song. I never heard the full song until this morning – I’d only ever heard the short blurb in the movie, Dirty Dancing. Since I’ve heard it and played it, now I want to watch the whole movie and be in my PJs with some peanut m&ms and popcorn. What’s next for Ukevember?

Ukevember 2015 Day 1 “Baby, Baby, Baby”

Here it is, another month of Ukevember! Attempting to record a video of me playing a different song on my ukulele for 30 days. I’ve noticed a lot of ladies having babies lately…I means tons and tons and tons of squishy cutesy lovable tiny beautiful babies (mine is one of them 😉 ) and this Ukevember goal is twofold. 1. To play and record a song on the ukulele for every day in the month of November and 2. To play a song that has the word “BABY” in the title or lyrics. It can be done. Who can cheer me on?

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