To put some UKE in the world

Ukevember 2016 Day 9: Let it Be

We received the results. People are mad. People are sad. People are arrogant. You know the one thing that we ALL are at the end of the day? AMERICANS. It’s not about black and white, men and women, foreigner or not…it’s about how we treat each other as AMERICANS and we are all living in the same place. We all have to be kind to one another. Without kindness we are really cold people who are showing our children how to act or react in certain situations. If you’re going to react, think about what your children will see…if you don’t have children, what your niece or nephew or cousins will see. If you do anything in reaction to the results, think about how you’re going to affect the next generation and how you’d like to see those kids grow up and act as adults. Anywho…Let it Be! Also, be the change you want to see.
**Reminder** I’ve gone live with my Ukevember this year, so pardon any mistakes…anything happens when you go live! Please take a moment to upload your own video and tag #ukevember to follow along with all the other players out there.

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