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Day 3, Ukevember 2014! Let it Be / Beatles

Another day, another video! I’ve made it past my video uploads for last year’s Ukevember (woohoo!).

Today’s tune comes from the Beatles and only has four chords (C, G, Am, F) with an added flourish chord (Dm) for some variety in the end of the verse. It isn’t needed, but I add it for fun.

I show you how to use my strum in the video. You can play this song many different ways. I chose to add a little rhythm by plucking the strings. Chords to come soon!

Have you uploaded a song yet to join me on my Ukevember adventure? Find a tune and get recording!

Day 21 of Ukevember! Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

Hallelujah, we are closer to the finish of Ukevember. I’ve only been practicing each song on the day of, so it’s getting harder and harder to think of what songs should come next. Maybe some Michael Jackson in the future…if I can find time to practice it!

Song: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen. Chords and Lyrics.

Day 20 of Ukevember! The Only Exception by Paramore

Two days of songs with the word “Darling”. An affectionate word for the beloved in your life. If you have been through failed relationships, would you try and try again to find another? If you swore off love, and the time came where you thought love existed, would you make an exception?

I haven’t said anything about what I’m thankful for yet…but today I’m thankful for MY darling boyfriend. He made breakfast while I went to Bikram Yoga…one of the many things he does to bring smiles into our home..and he’s always so supportive in everything.

Sculpture: This is done by Michael Naranjo , a blind artist. Amazing?! Right?

Song: The Only Exception by Paramore. Chords and Lyrics

Day 18 of Ukevember! Oh, Darling by The Beatles

Singing a song like this makes you wonder: Do people talk like this in real life or just in song lyrics? I believe “back in the day” they spouted phrases like “compare thee to a summer night’s dream”…if you want someone to talk to, try Shakespeare . He’s a little entertaining. 🙂

Song: Oh, Darling by the Beatles. Chords and Lyrics.

Day 16 of Ukevember! Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke

On my way to workout at Genoveva Chavez Community Center, I decided to record in the car. I’m trying to get away from singing in my head voice, but it’s a little easier said than done. 🙂

There is change coming for us coming in February on location, but we’ll still have amazing views and sunsets to share.

Song: Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke. Chords and Lyrics.

Day 9 of Ukevember! Lullaby by Creed

Welcome to the world: Haleigha Kalani Kuhi! My new niece arrived today and I’m happy for the new parents (one of them my brother) and excited for the new journey they will be on.

Today I recorded on a trail that we’ve done a couple times. It’s also on our running route. Not today with the snow!

Song: Lullaby by Creed

Chords and Lyrics

Day 4 of Ukevember!!!! Look for the Silver Lining by Jerome Kern

Being optimistic is today’s theme with “Look for the Silver Lining” written by Jerome Kern in the 1920’s musical SallyChords and Lyrics.

Today you’ll find us on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, NM. This road is lined with galleries, statues, and cafes galore. We visited someone famous who once said Santa Fe was “laid out by a drunk riding backward on a horse.” It’s true…there are no grid patterns. Driving around Santa Fe you will find there are 2 Paseo de Paraltas. It can get kind of confusing.

Can you see who we visited?

Day 2 of Ukevember!! Hold You in My Arms by Ray LaMontagne

It’s the second post for Ukevember. This was recorded in Cornell Park, Santa Fe, NM. Some people brought their dogs out to play with them…it’s cold *brrrr* here. My fingers were freezing!

I’m playing “Hold You in My Arms” by Ray LaMontagne. Chords and Lyrics Here. He has a beautiful voice. This is a great song.

Felt like some people needed to be held in my ukulele arms today. Enjoy!

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