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Ukevember 2016 Day 7: Puka Pants

Today’s song is brought to you by my love of listening to my grandfather play this song. Puka Pants was a traditional song for our luaus. I remember the girls dancing in practice and how funny the lyrics are. It’s quite catchy. You might get the melody stuck in your head if you’re lucky!
**Reminder** I’ve gone live with my Ukevember this year, so pardon any mistakes…anything happens when you go live! Please take a moment to upload your own video and tag #ukevember to follow along with all the other players out there.

Ukevember 2016 Day 1: Kanaka Waiwai

Aloha! For my followers, I DID start #ukevember this year…I’ve just gone live with it on Facebook. I do want to keep up with my blog and add the chords here, so keep up with me 🙂
I chose this song as I’m working on the pronunciation of the Hawaiian words and we also had it play at our wedding when I was walking down the aisle. 🙂
Enjoy and get our your ukulele to play a song every day in November (Ukevember as I call it)!

Bare with me as I figure out how to embed my FB live videos. 🙂

Day 2, Ukevember 2013! Guava Jelly / Ka’au Crater Boys

Aloha, Ukevember watchers!

Today we participated in the MS Walk at the Phoenix Zoo with our getup in the video. We were up early and ready for Day 2 of Ukevember as well.

We have a fun song for you today. My husband helped me out on this one – plus I think he just wanted in on the fun. If you’ve never heard this song, you’re in for some funny lyrics. Something that says “Come rub up on my belly like guava jelly” just gives you a laugh!
Try it with these chords.

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