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Day 3 of Ukevember ’12! Oh! by Eric Hutchinson

What is your life in a short story??? Have you ever tried to write a short story with a point at the end? This song narrates 5 different stories in 4 lines each. Can you do that? I’m attempting to add one at the end of our adventure today. Check it out.

Here’s a story from this morning:
Drove to the MS Walk in the dusk of the morn,
people in the crosswalk, others honking their horns,
they exclaimed, “Hey get out of the way, we’re going to be late”
the walkers said “We walk for those who can’t, for MS, did you donate?”

How’d I do that? See my ‘formula’ below 🙂

Here are the Chords and Lyrics to Eric Hutchinson “Oh!”

Here’s an outline I used to write my ‘short story’. Maybe you can submit your short story?

Line 1: What happened to you (possibly bad) and where were you?
Line 2: Describe something that happened as part of Line 1, and who you met? (ending rhymes end of Line 1.
Line 3 and 4: Interaction with the person you met in Line 2. End of these lines rhyme.

Clever? Me thinks so. Comment with yours!

That’s right. We walked for MS Society this morning. Thank you to those who did donate. Would you like to donate? Visit here.

Day 2 of Ukevember ’12! All Over Now by Eric Hutchinson

Today’s song is about moving on and letting go. Yesterday was “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz.
These are complete opposites! I think sometimes one of the hardest things to do in life is to let go. Maybe the hardest part is realizing that you SHOULD move on and let go. Or maybe the hardest part is telling someone they should move on and let go. Some people can’t have meaningful conversations…or tell someone how they feel. There are a lot of hard things in life, I guess. One of them is also writing words to a song. I love Eric Hutchinson because of his playful way of using words in his songs. Take a listen, or look at the lyrics below. After you view my top 3 reasons to play this song, of course!
Here are the Chords and Lyrics to Eric Hutchinson “All Over Now”
I’m adding my top 3 special reasons why you’d learn to play this song. Sometimes musicians look for songs to express their feelings. Each post I’ll add some reasons I thought of.
Reasons for playing this song?
1.To play for someone to let them know you are moving on and letting go
2. To play for a someone who should move on and let go
3. To play for the sake of singing words put to playful use and using a cool new pluck on your ukulele

Day 1 of Ukevember ’12! I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz

That’s exactly right. I won’t give up – not on love, friendship, family, friends, and right now – Ukevember! It’s a whole new year and it’s time to get that ukulele out and add 30 more songs to the ukulele library. I had a lot of fun last year and hope to bring you some new songs this year. This song is brought to you today by a student of mine. He requested to learn this song and now I’m playing it for Day of Ukevember 2012.
Here are Chords and Lyrics to Jason Mraz “I Won’t Give Up”
I’m adding my top 3 special reasons why you’d learn to play this song. Sometimes musicians look for songs to express their feelings. Each post I’ll add some reasons I thought of.
Reasons for playing this song?
1.To play for someone to let them know you won’t give up on them
2. To play for someone as an apology?
3. To play for your kids (or anyone!) as they move onto a new adventure in life

Day 20 of Ukevember! The Only Exception by Paramore

Two days of songs with the word “Darling”. An affectionate word for the beloved in your life. If you have been through failed relationships, would you try and try again to find another? If you swore off love, and the time came where you thought love existed, would you make an exception?

I haven’t said anything about what I’m thankful for yet…but today I’m thankful for MY darling boyfriend. He made breakfast while I went to Bikram Yoga…one of the many things he does to bring smiles into our home..and he’s always so supportive in everything.

Sculpture: This is done by Michael Naranjo , a blind artist. Amazing?! Right?

Song: The Only Exception by Paramore. Chords and Lyrics

Day 17 of Ukevember! Belle by Jack Johnson

My first use of Google Docs led to publishing a “Songs I want to learn” list. Reunited with this long-lost-love-list brought you the 17th song of Ukevember. Playing a strum/pick that is new to me brings thoughts of the practice fairies who used to keep my fingers moving when I played percussion in college…even when it hurt. Here goes.

Oh, yes, those are giraffe sculptures invading the background. The artist is from Prescott Studio in Santa Fe, NM. The cold will keep this Hawaiian indoors…

Song: Belle by Jack Johnson. Chords and Lyrics.

Day 15 of Ukevember! Live High by Jason Mraz

I chose this song for the lyrics. Choosing to “Live High” is a pretty good way to start the day, don’t you think?

Recorded on Marcy St. in Santa Fe, NM.

Song: Live High by Jason Mraz. Chords and Lyrics.

Day 14 of Ukevember! Sure Looks Good to Me by Alicia Keys

Today’s about getting out there and doing it. Can you believe there are no string instrument covers of this song on YouTube? Just people singing to karaoke is what you’ll find…Well, today is the day! Maybe some girl power used in this song. Definitely learned that from my last girl roommate (love her!) who can sing this song way better. I finally learned it so next time, we can do it!

Filmed by the staircase light. Stayed inside since it’s been windy. 🙂

Song: Sure Looks Good to Me by Alicia Keys. Chords and Lyrics.

Day 12 of Ukevember! Such Great Heights as done by Postal Service)

Another weekend driving through northern New Mexico so there are many clips of our trip in this video. Our final destination you’ll see in tomorrows blog.

Our stops:

  • Carson National Forest
  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial (only fitting for Veterans weekend)
  • Eagle Nest
  • Angel Fire
  • Red River
  • Questa

This is part of the Enchanted Circle. Beautiful scenery, lots of snow…it’s even snowing as I’m posting this.

Song: Such Great Heights. Chords and Lyrics.

Day 11 of Ukevember! If You Think You Need Some Lovin’ by Pomplamoose

Took a drive to Sandia Peak Tramway today. This is where I spent my birthday this year. Beautiful views! It was closed today due to “winter weather” alerts. That’s something new to a girl who has lived in Florida for 20+ years. Happy 11-11-11!

Song: If You Think You Need Some Lovin’ by Pomplamoose. Chords and Lyrics.

Day 8 of Ukevember – The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson

Song: The Way I Am. Chords and Lyrics.

Today I recorded near the New Mexico State Capitol Building. The sculpture I’m in front of lists all the Indian tribes/languages that no longer exist. I couldn’t find a placard that listed artist or name of sculpture. This is only one of the four sides (I think there are hundreds of names on this sculpture).

This is a start of showing you part of our running route.


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