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Ukevember 2016 Day 1: Kanaka Waiwai

Aloha! For my followers, I DID start #ukevember this year…I’ve just gone live with it on Facebook. I do want to keep up with my blog and add the chords here, so keep up with me 🙂
I chose this song as I’m working on the pronunciation of the Hawaiian words and we also had it play at our wedding when I was walking down the aisle. 🙂
Enjoy and get our your ukulele to play a song every day in November (Ukevember as I call it)!

Bare with me as I figure out how to embed my FB live videos. 🙂

Ukevember 2015 Day 30 “Brahms Lullaby”

Whew. I did it. My friend Caroline completed all 30 days as well! Other friends, Jessi, Bethany, Emily, Phil, Steve, my husband Josh, my niece Bri, and my son Sammy – you all are amazing for joining me in this year’s Ukevember. Here’s to many more! I started this month-long celebration of ukulele in 2011 and now it’s the fifth November in a row that I’ve uploaded songs and only the second year that I’ve posted for all thirty days. Woohoo! There was one November I only posted two songs. Here’s looking to next year and buying a tuner to keep me tuned for all my songs. *sorry!* Enjoy today’s tune, the word baby is in the lyrics if you want to sing, but today I just play the melody. Cheers!

Ukevember 2015 Day 29 “Blue Christmas”

We can’t exit Ukevember without having done a Christmas tune and some more laughter. My good friend, Steve Conrad, joined me today. He brought the music, played, and sang! He came over to our house and held our little guy 🙂 Please enjoy our silliness. We haven’t played together for more than a year and it’s pretty clear that we need to be doing more of it. Chords and lyrics to come.

Ukevember 2015 Day 28 “Walk Right In”

I think I’ve heard this song before…have you? I know I have, I just don’t know where from! There’s a lot of chromatic lines which for me, for some reason!, has been hard to match up the notes with my voice, lol. Here’s today’s tune. Chords and lyrics to come.

Ukevember 2015 Day 27 “Baby Face”

I’m learning these songs fast to try and make the deadline of Ukevember before the end of tonight. I’ve missed several days and by gosh, I’m going to finish it! Thanks to my friend from Day 29 leaving his song book, I’ll be able to finish…I think! Enjoy and Chords and lyrics to come.

Ukevember 2015 Day 26 “Photograph”

I love Ed Sheeran! I have been singing and playing his other song “Thinking Out Loud” for Sammy since the beginning of his life (as well as the other songs in the post from Day 24). I took the same idea from his music video for this song and posted photos of our Thanksgiving weekend over my playing of the song. I’m sorry my voice isn’t the best, but the pictures are cute. Chords and lyrics to come.

Ukevember 2015 Day 25 “Cry Baby Cry”

I started to run out of songs to add to Ukevember! I had never heard of this song before – I found it on a list of songs. This is another Beatles tune (they’ve made it on here twice!). The lyrics use to be “Cry baby cry, make your mother buy” and are also loosely based on the nursery rhyme Sing a Song of Sixpence. Is this a popular Beatles tune? Chords and lyrics to come soon.

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