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Ukevember 2015 Day 25 “Cry Baby Cry”

I started to run out of songs to add to Ukevember! I had never heard of this song before – I found it on a list of songs. This is another Beatles tune (they’ve made it on here twice!). The lyrics use to be “Cry baby cry, make your mother buy” and are also loosely based on the nursery rhyme Sing a Song of Sixpence. Is this a popular Beatles tune? Chords and lyrics to come soon.

Ukevember 2015 Day 24 “Goodnight Sweetheart”

An oldie but a goodie. I sing this song to Sammy before bedtime almost every night. The other songs include “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz, “I Have Never Loved Someone” by My Brightest Diamond, “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” from Disney’s Cinderella and then today’s Ukevember song at the end. I’ve been singing these to him since the beginning of his life. It’s been over 9 months now! I’m sure there are other sweet songs to sing at bedtime. What do you sing?
I recorded this tune on Thanksgiving night and hoping that Sammy would go to sleep since it was past 9 p.m. It worked!
Chords and Lyrics to come.

Ukevember 2015 Day 23 “Blank Space”

I was listening to the radio and to my wonderful surprise, this Taylor Swift song has the word baby in the lyrics. I have listened to this song many times before but it wasn’t one that came to my mind to include in my baby Ukevember titles. Here you go! Chords and Lyrics to come.

Ukevember 2015 Day 22 “Baby Mine”

Here’s Day 22! I have a little bit of catching up to do. My dear friends had a son born on November 22nd. I was trying to make today’s tune a sweet one. Then I remembered this very sweet song from Disney’s movie Dumbo. Have you seen it? The excerpt will make you cry. Unless you’ve got a cold heart. 🙂 View it here. View today’s Ukevember submission here:

Ukevember 2015 Day 21 “When I Was Your Man”

Sorry about the baby sounds in this one! There’s some cuteness at the end of the video. Check it out and chords and lyrics to come soon.

Ukevember 2015 Day 20 “Let’s Just Fall in Love Again”

I am a couple days behind but here goes! The weekends get busy, don’t they? So, I was sitting here going through songs in my random playlist to see if there were tunes that had the word baby in the lyrics. That’s right…I haven’t practiced this tune or played it before tonight. I kind of know the melody but never really learned all the lyrics before. It’s totally different to know the song and then sing it WITHOUT the song in the background. It’s a challenge to myself to learn and play 30 songs this month and here’s number 20! HAHA! Chords and lyrics to come.

Ukevember 2015 Day 19 “Amazing”

Yes, sometimes we try to play exactly like the person we’re covering…other times we try to make it sound different. There are times we are sitting in a restaurant and someone is playing a ballad version of a rap song or vice versa. It’s neat and fun to see if people can guess what you’re playing if it sounds totally different. I’m just going for different here. The picking version I do in this song was tough at first but I wanted to give a little syncopation to it. Ah, well, take a look and check it out. Chords and lyrics to come.

Ukevember 2015 Day 18 “Fire”

There might be some bloopers at the end of this video. Sorry for the late upload! If you’ve ever tried to do something for 30 days straight, you’d know that it’s tough to complete. This song was played a lot during my first year of swing dancing and we loved dancing to it! I think my friend Steve Stone played it first (that’s whose name is on my iTunes from where I got the tune from) so thanks, Steve, for introducing me to this song way back in the day. It’s a fun one with only a couple chords! If you haven’t uploaded a tune for Ukevember yet, please do! There’s only so many days left. 😉

Ukevember 2015 Day 17 “Whisper”

Here’s a tune that only has the word baby in the lyrics ONE time. I love this song and it’s been on my playlist for a while. I’ve only looked up the chords today and played it for the first time. I’m not sure they are the absolute correct chords, but they work. Ernie Halter gives his own tutorial on how to play this song on the guitar – if only I could get my thumb to hook over the top like he does #shortfingers! Oh well, here’s my ukulele song for today. Chords and lyrics to come soon.

Ukevember 2015 Day 16 “Loving You”

I fell in love with Paolo Nutini when my friend Amy played his “New Shoes” song at a swing dance. How fun! Then I had a ‘New Shoes Radio’ station on Pandora and THIS song came on and I fell in love with it, too. Another tune in my playlists that has the word baby in the lyrics. I’m finding a lot of tunes with this word! We are just over the half-way mark with Ukevember and I hope that I can continue the trend with 14 more tunes. Let’s see! Chords and lyrics to come soon.

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