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Ukevember 2015 Day 5 “Wild World”

Ukevember is about getting out your ukulele and spreading your joy for music to everyone you know – and to show that you can just about play anything on this instrument. It’s not about perfection. There are several mistakes already in my videos for Ukevember. The whole idea is to challenge yourself to play your ukulele. It may be the most you play it out of the year, but guess what? That’s going to be a lot of practice you’re giving yourself. 🙂 Enjoy!

Ukevember 2015 Day 4 “Baby We’ve Got a Date”

Today is Bob Marley! (I actually recorded this on day 5…because we actually had a date on day 4!)

I grew up listening to the other popular Bob Marley tunes but never heard of this one! Bob Marley uses the word ‘baby’ in a lot of his tunes so you might see more of him here this year 😉 What did you play on your ukulele today?

Ukevember 2015 Day 3 “Yes, Sir, That’s My Baby”

Another tune with the word ‘baby’ in the title! Yes! And a helper, the best of helpers, today – My NIECE! She’s the best. She helps with anything you ask. No mean face about it 🙂 Hope you have a niece as cool as mine. She helped me with the lyrics today. See you again tomorrow!

Ukevember 2015 Day 2 “Love is Strange”

Three chord songs, for the win! This is such a cute song. I never heard the full song until this morning – I’d only ever heard the short blurb in the movie, Dirty Dancing. Since I’ve heard it and played it, now I want to watch the whole movie and be in my PJs with some peanut m&ms and popcorn. What’s next for Ukevember?

Ukevember 2015 Day 1 “Baby, Baby, Baby”

Here it is, another month of Ukevember! Attempting to record a video of me playing a different song on my ukulele for 30 days. I’ve noticed a lot of ladies having babies lately…I means tons and tons and tons of squishy cutesy lovable tiny beautiful babies (mine is one of them 😉 ) and this Ukevember goal is twofold. 1. To play and record a song on the ukulele for every day in the month of November and 2. To play a song that has the word “BABY” in the title or lyrics. It can be done. Who can cheer me on?

Day 23, Ukevember 2014! Quit Playing Games With My Heart / Backstreet Boys

I requested suggestions from friends to fill in song titles for letters of the alphabet I was missing from my song list (on the far right of this page). The letters I needed were: J, K, N, Q, R, and Z. I knocked off Q tonight thanks to my friend, Juliemar, from Florida! Miss you girl! Hope you and I can play and sing together sometime again soon. Thanks for suggesting this tune. Brought me (way) back. Haha!

Chords to come soon.

Day 22, Ukevember 2014! But Not for Me / George Gershwin

Another late upload! My favorite version of this tune has to be with Chet Baker. It also has some not so familiar chords and transitions…that need to be practiced!

8 more days of videos to go. Have you joined in on the fun? I can’t believe this month is almost over…YIKES!

Chords to come soon.

Day 21, Ukevember 2014! Bring Me Sunshine / Jive Aces

The melody from this tune kind of reminds me of Tiny Bubbles for some reason. Maybe its the 7 chords…hm…

Today’s Ukevember tune is brought to you by an ukulele student who introduced it to me! We haven’t played it together, but when/if we get back to ukulele lessons, we will definitely add this tune. BTW, Steve, I wish you were singing it and not me! 🙂

Chords to come soon.

Join me in Ukevember if you haven’t yet. The month is almost over!

Day 20, Ukevember 2014! Every Little Thing She Does is Magic / The Police

We are on the last port of our babymoon cruise: Grand Cayman! I brought my uke thinking there must be a good shot where I can get the beach in the background. Well, the guards asked what kind of instrument was in the case (guesses were mandolin and violin). They were surprised when we said ukulele! They also wanted to hear me play it. Josh told them to look up ukevember on YouTube. One security guard searched and found my Unconditionally video post and played it. He started singing along! Then said he would watch each and every video. That really made my day – he was so sweet!
Back to today’s song…When I heard this tune in our neighborhood restaurant Josh said it must be on Ukevember. So, here it is! I used a combination of plucking and then strumming for variety. I also used different variations for D, G, and A chords in the verse and the A and D chords in the chorus to make the transitions easier (the barred version). Think of using variations of the chords to make the movements between chords easier – sometimes it turns out pretty well where you won’t have to move that much! I’ll explain later when I add the chords for this one.

Day 19, Ukevember 2014! Life is Wonderful / Jason Mraz

Another Jason Mraz tune. Introduced to me by a friend who wanted to learn the chords on guitar. I hope she’s practicing because we’re going to need to play this one together soon. 🙂

Today is also a different friend’s due date. Yes, we are pregnant around the same time (she and a lot of other friends!) but her due date is 3 months earlier. Today is the official day they’ve been waiting for, but no baby yet! This song is for her and her husband…La la la la la la la life is wonderful! Baby coming and all!

About the video, we recorded on the balcony on the cruise ship in Mahogany Bay on Isla Roatan. There is a chair lift you can take to Mahogany Beach (we took it, of course!) and then we floated in loungers in the water. Very relaxing day of the babymoon. *sigh*

Enjoy! Check back soon for chords!

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