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Day 1, Ukevember 2013! Oh, What a Day / Ingrid Michaelson


It is that time of year again where I try to convince everyone to join me in this made-up celebration of playing your ukulele EVERY DAY in the month of November. What kind of name for a celebration like this would be convenient? The answer is Ukevember.

Most people ask why would you do this? Others say “uke on”. There are all kinds of answers (for practice, to keep a log of songs I know, educational purposes, etc.) but I really started this to put more music into the world. Help me put more music into the world by joining me and uploading songs you’ve played on your ukulele for Ukevember!

Ukevember 2013 has started and Day 1 is a song that I know isn’t on the radio, but it’s found its way into my playlist. Have you ever heard someone say they’ve had a rough day and you’re never quite sure what to respond with? I think the lyrics in this tune provide a useful response: Now that you’re (it’s) gone, I (you) can move on to something good. What do you think? I love this song like I love my Sunday mornings and reflection time.
Here are the chords!

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