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Day 6 of Ukevember ’12! Israel Kamakawiwo’ole “White Sandy Beach”

Ever been to Hawaii? Imagining yourself on white sandy beaches while at work? Well, here’s a song that I was thinking about today. I’ve had it in my songbook for a while, but hadn’t uploaded it yet. It has 4 chords, F, Bb, Bbminor, and C. If you need practice playing from F to Bb, this could be the song for you!
Here are the Chords and Lyrics to Israel Kamakawiwa ole “White Sandy Beach”
Top 3 reasons to play this song:
1. My current reason: If you’re getting married in Hawaii, near white sandy beaches 🙂
2. To practice playing in the key of F.
3. To play a song to relax the crowd.

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